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         Love doesn’t just sit there, like a stone: it has to be made, like bread, remade all the time made new. 
                                                        –Ursula K. Le Guin

Conflict is inherent to relationships and intimacy.
All couples are challenged to confront the differences that that they bring to each other.  While acknowledging the importance of individuality, in healthy relationships couples move toward embracing the powerful creative forces available in the depths of mutual belonging and intimacy.  Unfortunately far too many couples get lost in the process that encumbered by every day stress of life (finances, family, schedules, etc.)
Couples therapy is an exploration undertaken to increase mutual understanding, strengthen the relationship, increase passion and exhilaration. This process takes place when we engage in the mystery of growth within ourselves and each other.

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 In order to change what is, we need to give speech to what has been, to imagine what might be.    –Adrienne Rich

INDIVIDUAL PSYCHOTHERAPY can be approached from a multiple of orientations. Dr. McCutchan’s approach comes out of Imaginal Psychology, an orientation that puts its primary concern as care for the soul.  By soul he is talking about the undefinable sense of self that is unique to each individual and gives our life meaning.   Depth therapy works at integrating the external world of behaviors and events with the internal world that we each experience. An imaginal approach looks at each person suffering as that individual’s struggle to find meaning within him/herself, family, culture and world. As its name implies, imaginal looks to the images that inhabit us, for it is those images that make us who we are and give meaning to our world.

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“our culture requires that we repress most of our anger, and, therefore, we are repressed in most of our creativity.”                                            -Rollo May

Men in today’s culture like women face unique challenges.  Though differences between men and women have always existed particular issues face both genders in the 21st century. Many men today find themselves struggling with issues that involve work, relationship, family, life transitions, close friendships.  With these and other struggles they often find themselves experiencing irritability, angry moods, depression, anxiety along with a loss of vitality, sensitivity, and sense of meaning in their lives.  More than ever our families, communities and world need men that are willing to struggle with building capacities of self-awareness , collaboration, responsibility, and empathy.

Group Work

Group process can be one of the most powerful approaches for personal transformation. When individuals share their inner experiences in a setting that is both supportive and exploritory something majical takes place. In the words of the poet Vincent Ferrini:

I pass by day and night
no one has seen me
if you ever want to find me and know me
leave behind yourself
and enter the caves of other people
there you will find me
who is yourself.

Some Groups offered by Rich include:

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