This group started in 1993. The men in it meet weekly for 2 1/2 hours most of the year. The newest member joined in 1995.

Thursday Night Men’s Group

"We found that something we were withholding made us weak,
until we found that it was ourselves."    -Robert Frost

We are a collaborative community that meets for the purpose of enhancing our capacity to live meaningful lives as reflexive conscious men in the world.  Our meetings serve as a playground for self-discovery where we engage in a TRANSFORMATIVE PRACTICE through active participation with each other.  Primary in this endeavor is the fostering of a community that is based on depth and compassion through sharing our deepest secrets, fears and vulnerabilities.  Thus, providing a place where we discover that we are not alone in the world and there are others both like and different from ourselves.  The TRANSFORMATIVE PRACTICE through active participation calls for constant vigilance of what is occurring both within us as well as others and the willingness to speak out as well as to hear what others are experiencing.  By doing this we work toward cultivating capacities in one another and ourselves that enhance our lives in relationship with the world (spouses, children, work, community, etc.).  I am speaking of capacities that engender Eros, compassion, beauty, imagination, fierceness, and authenticity. 


For this pursuit we draw from the various disciplines that foster wholeness, integration and transformation.  They include depth psychology, spiritual traditions, somatic practices, the creative arts, indigenous wisdom, mythology and deep ecology.


Utilizing group process of sharing and discovery (using tools such as the Joeharry window). This includes the turning toward the darkness (or shadow) that exists within us.